Welcome to the KISSYPIG Recording Studio Homepage. For the uninitiated, we offer high fidelity recordings at reasonable rates, especially sensitive to the independent budget. From the outset, we've tried to create a studio that offered an alternative to the corporate-commercial studio. (Fortunately that was easy in Alliston where corporate-ness has no refuge.) We stocked our place with good mics, a good board, good machines, good rooms, and good engineers. Take a tour of our facility and if you find it to your liking, please call us. Someone is always here.


10.14.10 - In the past six months we've had folks from all over the world come through. Just last week the Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars we're here for a few days working with Chad from State Radio. This followed a few days of recording a new 10 Ft. Ganja Plant record-- their second this year on the ROIR label; before that the AGGROLITES from Los Angeles were here for a week recording tracks for the YOUNG CUB label.

Ongoing projects are a big part of our schedule, too. For twelve months now,PETER BALDRACHI has been toiling away on his second record. Lately we've been meeting up once or twice a week to cut lead guitars. It's going to be huge!

DAVID ARVEDON's 4th album is in process, as well as the documentary that will reveal to the world the mysteriously psychedelic methods of this mad, mad musicial scientist.

In between all this, Craig Welsch has been working on albums from DESTROY BABYLON and INGRID GERDES, ( he's also the drummer and producer in 10 FT. GP).

Upcoming in December, RICH MIRSKY is finally going to make the album everyone has been bugging him for, and also in December we're looking forward to recording another MICHAEL HAYES record, this time under the LEMONPEELER banner.

New toys: Neumann U67 and a 4-channel console made from original UA 610-A channel strips.

Summer '09 - We finally got around to mixing the great John Felice's (REAL KIDS) project, The Devotions, recorded in 1996! Chris Brokaw did the producin', with help from Rich Mirsky and Mr. Felice himself. It will be available for purchase in September.

In studio B, Craig Welsch has been working with C. Money (Slightly Stoopid), G. Love, and just put the finishing touches on DOPAPOD.

DAVID ARVEDON's new album is still being recorded. We have also enlisted Lenny Scolletta to document the proceedings with his trusty video camera. This will be released along with the audio recordings hopefully by Christmas!

And PETER BALDRACHI has begun recording his follow-up to his debut recorded here in '07.

DEVOTIONS mixing sessions featuring John Felice, Chris Brokaw, and Rich Mirsky

28.08.08 - Engineer CRAIG WELSCH has been working with Garrett “G Love” Dutton for an upcoming Christmas release. Engineer K.R. MOGENSEN and BIL BOWEN did a weekend with THE VINYL SKYWAY for a new album. Also in the studio this month, JOHNNY TRAUMA UNIT and PRESSURE COOKER, both working with CRAIG WELSCH.

08.04.08 - TOMMY DEMPSEY and SMUG were here last month tracking drums for their new record. BONEGUNN has taken over the midnight-six a.m. slot to work on their upcoming release. BRIAN PENNY is engineering along with BRYAN KANE producing. DAVID CHAMPAGNE and KIMON KIRK were here doing a few guitar parts for David's new record. ERIC DANESH has a couple days each week locked out to work on his audio installation project. Also engineer MATT HAYES has brought in his mess of gear to help round out the studio toys, including a couple PURPLE AUDIO ACTION COMPRESSORS, 2 NEVE PORTICO PRE's, 2 CHANDLER COMPRESSORS, and two API EQ'ss mixed here and is making the rounds.

15.01.08 - Both the UPPER CRUST and VINYL SKYWAY were in recently recording and mixing new songs. Also PAUL HANSEN and THE GROWNUP NOISE began recording their sophomore album with Corbin Smith producing. Our Thursday nights have ben occupied lately by the great duo of ERIK DANESH and VIKRAM PARIKH, who take spontaneity to heretofore unimaginable heights. I'll post one of their songs soon on our myspace thingy. Finally, JOHN FELICE and the DEVOTIONS' 1996 album produced by STEVE WYNN was mixed here and is making the rounds.

12.10.07 - We are on MySpace! Check us out and add us as your friend! www.myspace.com/kissypigrecording

15.05.07 - This month in the studio: HIXX, UPPER CRUST, PSYCHOPATHS, HENRY M, VAMPIRE CHESTNUTS. Look for new BIG DISAPPOINTMENTS record. DAVID ARVEDON record will be finished next week! HIXX have 5-song EP out now.
Check them out at Lizard Lounge every Tuesday night in February.

19.02.07 - The Vinyl Skyway's new record, "From Telegraph Hill" is out now and available from CD Baby.
Check them out at Lizard Lounge every Tuesday night in February.

13.01.07 - New Website! Launching of KissyPig Studios Version 2!